Transcending Procrastination into Self-development

Transcending Procrastination into Self-development

The simplest interpretation of procrastination is lack of self-discipline or inability to love yourself. If multiple success secrets are put into practice to attain unavoidable winning, a single common trait of ‘ putting off’ or delaying tasks
called Procrastination,is shared by unsuccessful individuals.

Belonging to Information age, we are well familiar with the vital psychological fact that real triumph always initiates from inside of any individual taking the form of self-acceptance as owning yourpotentials, capacities, inner flaws, uncertainties and chaotic fears, then resolving to work on Self-development by picking some realistically possible goals, brooding about actionable solutions and setting realistic time-frame for your small achievements to be simply Self-disciplined.

Before overcoming the visible , you have to work on invisible factors just as before mounting or conquering a mountain, any Climber has to fight with his internal capacities along with external sources as his stamina, determination, fears of failure, unpredictable weather intensities , ever-changing inner and outer demotivating forces, but if someone loves himself truly he will always toil and harness his inner potentials at maximum level for personal growth by accepting harder challenges at every next level to earn remarkably inspiring achievements.

I want to shed light over the productive solutions of battling with the practice of procrastination which famous English authors Charles Dickens considers “ the stealer of time”,
As we need to possess a very sound practical approach that some certain fragments of time are always encompassed with certain energy levels, specific requirements,possible recent opportunities that can be yielded by other crushing moments of ever changing time flow, leaving no more favourable chances for any individual anymore, as time is an ever- changing phenomenon bringing out its own fruits and ruins.

So always display mindfulness about worth of time keeping it on top of your list. Secondly, committing to love yourself constructively by constantly working on the healthy and dynamic growth your self-control, emotional intelligence, self-esteem. Start being honest enough to accept your personality flaws with your personality potentials because strengths are accompanied by shortcomings. And the real art is recognising and working on flawed areas with inner valour, with defined purpose by not allowing them to overweight your uniquely creative and productive personality potentials which are your inner treasure.

Thirdly, start taking the ‘Responsibility’ of your own-self by desiring best things as a your reward like learning an aspiring skill according to your aptitude, taking responsibility of uncluttering your emotions, thoughts and physical being , clearing your abstract settings like your external environment with unwanted negative talks and emotions from your side, cooking your own food, looking after yourself in all possible measures entirely as an independent adult, working on constant fertility of your financial sources.

Next, befriend with yourself and tame yourself slowly and steadily for the acceptance of any unexpected change as an unseen challenge by nurturing an ability of breaking any unacceptable challenge into small chunks and working on the disintegrated parts of the problem to scratch solution out of its broken pieces. Moreover, as steady progressor over your inner imperfections,make it your habit to read between the lines and thinking out of the box, by always thinking about multiple solutions of any recent challenge and focusing on most futuristic high-yielding and genuinely insightful solutions for that issue.

Refrain yourself from adopting All-or-Nothing mindset, because it can create emotional blindness rather always have mindset of growing socially, cognitively, professionally and emotionally for stable inner vitality and self-assurance.
Lastly ponder over your mistakes and navigate ways to work on your uninvented talents and fuel your inspiration by observing, talking with successful people around you to explore about their special success secrets, knowing about their art of socialisation, behaviours towards commitments, strategies of money making, their efforts of personality construction weighing their achievements with their flaws, because it’s crucial to always look on all possible ends deeply for better comprehension and clear contemplation about facts, their consequences and actionable measures to make any opportunity fruitful.

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