Emotional Resilience Vs Misogyny

Emotional Resilience Vs Misogyny

Like other primitive human needs as food, shelter, clothing, the desires to be respected & understood are very primal.
Misogyny a tumour like toxic, bizarre and biased perception against female individuals of society, can be interpreted as female patronising behaviour.Misogyny is emotional and intellectual femicide to promote female depreciation by limiting opportunities and familial ,societal, cultural space for them.
This female depreciating behaviour is exhibited wherever females are found, irrespective of non-patriarch imperial states or patriarchal post colonised regions of the globe besides few exceptions.This unhealthy behaviour is exhibitied in the form of gender stereotyped beliefs, obscene jokes, gender discriminated laws and in mansplaining behaviours that are merely showing’ unacceptance to diversity, which is chiefly the law of

nature, as every creature is different and unique for a reason, by the Will of Originator of Universe’.
The second agenda behind suppression of weak or different one is to establish a false notion of ‘ imagined supremacy or attain fake egoistic self satisfaction’ through corrupted reality.
The best ways to tackle such gender based demeaning behaviours are to make females emotionally resilient by their emotional-intellectual growth .Female individuals ,instead of pursuing physically laborious and demanding professions,should be inclined to pursue highly intellectual based professions like studying law, medical, IT, atomic studies, business management to get empowered socially being financially and economically stronger enough to avoid unacceptable discrimination.
The other vital step is display of solidarity ,unanimity as well aware females should particularly avoid from the suppression of their gender fellows displaying reality based compassion, understanding of human values by overlooking their biased and judgmental projections. In this way by not being ‘instrumentalized ‘in the hands of propagandist, females can protect other women from unwanted demeaning, unavoidable vicious discrimination of morally hollow individuals to pave the path of nurturing healthy cultural and moral values within societal paradigm.
Defeating preconceived generational biased notions and breaking unhealthy negative precedents have never been an easy task.But by empowering the suppressed gender, by responding to their primal need of being heard, respected and understanding them , we can long to have more certain, emotionally well disciplined and well aware individuals raised as our next generation by empowered and visionary female familial relations.

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